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BEECEE Border Collie Application Form

My responsibility as a breeder is the well being of my puppies and adult border collies. Our questionnaire has been compiled to assist with placing the right puppy (or dog) with the right family.

By filling in our questionnaire it will help receive some basic, but necessary information, to aid in decisions of placing puppies with an individual or party who is interested in adding a Border Collie to their family.

You may find some of the questions confronting or intrusive. Please don’t be overwhelmed by these questions. You are free not to answer these questions if you so wish, however, please understand we are also free not to place a puppy with you.


Our puppies are of utmost importance to us and by completing this questionnaire, is a step in the process to acquiring a puppy from BEECEE. However, by filling in this questionnaire it does not automatically guarantee a puppy is available. Whilst it is unlikely, the breeder reserves the right to refuse any placement at any time.

To complete our online form please click on this link

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