DOB: 03/09/2017
Beecee Rarer Than Rubies (Ruby) is from our very first Beecee Border Collie litter out of Mumura Be My Honey (Honey). We just couldn’t let this little one leave and very thankful for her.

Ruby has excelled in her obedience training awarded “Dog of the Month” four months in a row at our local dog training club SDKODC. She has a true willingness to please and tries her hardest for us.

Ruby loves to be groomed (which is a good thing considering how coated she is) and often falls asleep on my grooming table whilst being blow dried or trimmed.

However, Ruby’s favourite thing in the whole world is to cuddle up with Darren on the couch (as you can see in the slide photos below). She was like this from five weeks old and nothing has changed (she really snuggles in).

Temperament: We find Ruby to be the easiest dog to have around here at the farm. She doesn’t make a fuss, has never really chewed things to pieces or re-landscaped the yard. She is very soft, smoochy and gentle. We have never seen any signs of aggression in this girl, completley the opposite. We find her to be a good guard dog but doesn’t bark otherwise. Like her mum she adores children. We could never part with this girl as she has won our hearts with her gentle loving nature – such a sweetheart.

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