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DOB: 25/05/2021
Angel is our second retained female from our loved Poppie (Beecee Fire Fly) and was quite the individual being the only red and white pup of the litter.

We noticed from around five weeks old how nice this little lady would stack herself and decided to retain her to see how she matures.

Angel now lives with a close friend of ours and loving her life on the farm in the Adelaide Hills.. 

We thank Mick and Lisa Carter of  Bordercroft for allowing us to use Angel's sire Wynnlake Curious Squire  over Poppie for this lovely litter..

We may or may not plan a litter with Angel but know she is very much loved.

Temperament:   We find Angel and her siblings to be really placid and easy to get along with. Angel is bold and happy out and about handling new situations very well. Angel like her half sister Ella is very adaptable coping with the high energy of the show ring . She is very soft and sweet and likes to tuck her head into you or under your arm as she has a cuddle. 

DNA Health Results:

Clear of 

  • Degenerative Myelopathy

  • Ivermectin Sensitivity

  • Adult Onset Deafness  

  • Primary Lens Luxation

  • Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia

  • Goniodysgenesis and Glaucoma

  • Cobalamin Malabsorption: Cubilin Deficiency

  • Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome

  • Von willebrand's Disease Type II

  • Cystinuria

  • Myotonia Hereditaria

  • Raine Syndrome Dental Hypomineralisation

    Carrier of no known testable disease

    Hips and Elbows scored and shoulders clear of OCD

Baby Angel
Four weeks old
Cute As Angel
Cute Angel
Angel and Ruby
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