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DOB: 26/12/18

Beecee Fire Fly (Poppie) wasn’t meant to stay with us (we placed her twice in a week) but due to no fault of her own we had her come back to us – and we are so glad she did.

Poppie commenced her show career in 2019 as a baby puppy and adapted to the show environment very well, often seen bouncing around the ring with the biggest grin.

Through-out her first season of shows, Poppie has been awarded several first places and breed class awards in Baby Puppy, Puppy and Minor classes and  was awarded a reserve bitch challenge at eleven months.

​A highlight in Poppie’s young show career was being short listed and placing 6th Puppy Bitch of Australia competing in the 5th Australian Border Collie Nationals in Sydney October 2019.

Poppie loves to play, give high fives (as can be seen in the photos below) and wave hello and often melts peoples hearts with her cheeky cheesy grin she gives to those she is happy to see.

​Temperament: We find Poppie to be a very happy girl who loves and seeks attention. She is medium drive and loves to play. A very smart and quick learner and tries hard to please (very much like her mum and sister). A very bold girl and not phased by anything. She loves to be with you and interact.

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