DOB: 27/07/2015
Mumura Be My Honey (Honey) was purchased from a local breeder in 2015 and it was love at first sight with her contagious happy smile and those perky up ears.

Honey is the reason I began my journey in conformation showing and together we learnt the ropes (its not as easy as it looks). During her short show carer Honey won and placed in her Australian Bred Classes and in 2019 came back out of retirement to make an appearance at the Royal Adelaide Show where she behaved beautifully and could not get enough attention from everyone as they went past her show booth.

Honey loves to play, her favourite game is tug and anything with a squeaker noise in it gets her really fired up.

To date Honey has had two litters and all of our puppy owners have reported how well tempered all of the pups are (and are dearly loved).

Temperament: Honey is a pure delight, especially with children. We do not have any children ourselves yet Honey has always been drawn to them. When she was ten months old she pulled me across a public place to get to a pram and gently said hello to a young child. That is when I truly noticed her infinity with young ones. Honey is of medium drive with an equal on and off switch and is very affectionate. She also is very loyal.

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